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Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog from National HBPA President Joe Santanna

Welcome to the National HBPA blog. We hope you will visit this site regularly. While we expect comments on the information we disseminate here, or the positions we take with respect to the horse racing industry, we are especially interested in any ideas that you may believe we should consider as we carry out our mission.

Please visit the National HBPA website,, to acquaint yourself with who we are and what we offer. We represent 30 affiliated members in North America, resulting in over 30,000 owners and trainers of racehorses among the general membership of the HBPA.

You will hear not only from the National HBPA leadership, but you will also routinely be provided with material from our many operational committees. Moreover, you will read perspectives from many local HBPAs that are spread across the U.S. and Canada.

If you are a racing fan, we are very interested in the interaction we believe this communications vehicle creates. If you are not a racing fan, we’d like to make you one! If you are a customer (you wager regularly on our product), we’d be interested in providing you with information regarding horse ownership.

Look forward to content covering our participation in the Model Rules of Racing process, medication issues, economics of racing, immigration, training programs, the Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978, and much more. Follow our trail to the 12th annual Claiming Crown at Canterbury Downs in Minnesota this July. We will also give you recaps of the work we accomplish at our two semi-annual conventions, each attended by hundreds of horsemen/horsewomen.

While our motto is “Horsemen Helping Horsemen,” we all realize that our horse racing industry has many participants who want a forum to exchange ideas that hopefully will result in whatever recovery process we must undergo to return to a financially healthy breeding program, a handle that reflects the marketable product in which we believe, and an interest in a sport that is present in almost every major populated city in the U.S. and Canada.

So, welcome to our blog. We hope you will find it interesting, educational, thought-provoking, and unique. Our words will reflect our effort.

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