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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The National HBPA Foundation Needs Your Help to Keep Helping Horsemen!

The National HBPA Foundation (NHBPAF), a tax-exempt Sec. 501(c)(3) fund, was developed as a safety net for horsemen when other forms of assistance are unavailable or have been exhausted after disaster strikes. Since 1956, the fund has been coming to the aid of horsemen in times of catastrophe or great need, proving to be the embodiment of the National HBPA's mantra, "horsemen helping horsemen."

The Foundation generally provides matching funds in conjunction with a local HBPA affiliate when horsemen are in need. Although there are no exact guidelines for when assistance is provided, funds are normally reserved for natural calamities and quarantine situations over which horsemen have little, if any, control.

The Foundation, which is overseen by a seven-person committee, also works to fill in the gaps for horsemen when the situation prevents them from being covered by the National HBPA Fire and Disaster Insurance Program. While many horsemen are not aware of that program, it provides vital coverage. Horsemen do not need to sign up or do anything at all to be covered by it, although coverage is only available at tracks that participate in the program.

Last year, the Foundation paid out nearly $30,000 to horsemen. Laura Plato, the National HBPA’s operational director, expects that figure to be eclipsed this year.

The National HBPA Foundation's ability to help horsemen in their time of need is almost completely dependent on the donations that the charitable fund receives. In order to assure the continued health of the fund and its ability to aid horsemen at a level that truly meets needs, it will require the generosity of those who have the financial means to contribute to the wonderful and important work it does.

Donations to the National HBPA Foundation are tax deductible. If you would like to donate and be part of our “Horseman Helping Horsemen,” visit or make a check payable to: National HBPA Foundation, 870 Corporate Drive, Suite 300, Lexington, Kentucky 40503-5419.

A donation to the National HBPA Foundation can give you both a great tax deduction and the satisfaction of knowing that your money will go to someone in your industry who really needs help. And if the day ever comes when you are the one needing help, don't you want to know the National HBPA Foundation will be strong and there to lend you that helping hand?

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