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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gordon and Elkins Honored by Florida HBPA

At the Florida HBPA Nominating and General Membership Dinner on December 16th,  long time President Sammy Gordon was honored as the Florida HBPA Man of the Year, and Herb Elkins was honored with the Florida HBPA Lifetime Achievement Award.   

Mr. Gordon, a long time Florida owner, has been President for six years and was honored for his outstanding leadership and peerless negotiating skills. There is no question that Sam is greatly respected for his hard work by the locals, the winter invaders, and the Florida breeders alike.  Further, he is also held in high regard by both the local tracks.  This is best exemplified by the fact that Gulfstream management thinks he favors Calder and Calder officials think he always leans to Gulfstream.  The truth is Sam favors neither track. But he always favors the Florida horsemen.

Herb Elkins, a Florida HBPA board member since 1998 was given the Florida HBPA’s first “Lifetime Achievement” Award.  Mr. Elkins, also a tough negotiator, was the long time contract committee chairman responsible for negotiating all purse contracts.  Mr. Elkins who owns horses in partnership with his wife, running horses under Ione and HJ Elkins, has had tremendous success over the years in the Florida Stallion Stakes.  He swept the male division in 1995 with Seacliff and won the $400,000 My Dear Girl division with Fortune Pending in 1994 and again in 2007 with Calico Bay. 

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sholmes said...

There is no question that Mr. Elkins has done a great job over the years but I don't know Mr. Elkins as well as Mr. Gordon.
"Let Me Tell You" about Sammy Gordon. Sammy is truly like no other Horsemen's President that I have encountered. Like many, who were very successful business men, Sammy, a former President of DelMonte, continues to bring his business acumen to his role as FHBPA President. He still manages to be a tough negotiator but with a mischevious twinkle in his bright blue eyes, and a joke for truly every occasion! From yelling to make a point to equally as soft spoken(only when he's whispering)to do the same he is a unique individual in this business in that he truly puts the welfare of all of those he represents ahead of his own vested interests. A perennial favorite at every event and the man the Horsemen should be proud to have representing them. Congratulations to Sam Gordon and Herb Elkins, Good choices both!

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