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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter Issue of The Horsemen's Journal in the Mail

Horsemen  and women - watch your mailboxes. As you are reading this, the Winter 2010 issue of The Horsemen's Journal is in the mail to the over 25,000 owners and trainers that make up the National HBPA's membership.

The issue includes all the departments you can always expect, including Industry News, HBPA News, Research & Medication Update, Medication Committee Corner, and Affiliate News from the HBPA affiliates all over North America. In addition, this issue features the following articles:

What Gives You The Right?: Often Overlooked, the Issue of Horsemen's Media Rights is Gaining Importance - An examination of media rights and the horse racing industry.

The HBPA at Work Helping Horsemen Adapt to Immigration Changes - The HBPA and other industry associations have worked behind the scenes to effect positive change for horsemen dealing with immigration issues over the last few years.

Understanding Laminitis - A detailed look at the often deadly affliction, including causes, symptoms, risk factors, and treatment.

Equine Sports Massage Therapy Can Benefit Racehorses - A look at equine sports massage therapy and how it may help treated horses give their best effort on the track.

New DNA Testing Helps Isolate Contamination - In this age of increasingly sensitive testing, New Bolton Center is using DNA testing to determine the source of DNA in blood and urine samples and rule out contamination.

You can also read the articles and department of the issue on the "Horsemen's Journal" section of the National HBPA website at

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