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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Arkansas HBPA Director Lamberth Resigns Post to Accept Appointment to Arkansas Racing Commission

Arkansas HBPA Director Mark Lamberth has resigned from the Arkansas HBPA Board Of Directors because Governor Mike Beebe has appointed him to the Arkansas Racing Commission.  The Commission in Arkansas consists of five members, each appointed to a five-year staggered term. 

Mark said his appointment was bittersweet for him because he had enjoyed his service on the Arkansas HBPA Board very much.  He also commented on how many friends he had made in this business while attending National HBPA meetings. 

Bill Walmsley, president of Arkansas HBPA, was very happy with this appointment although Mark will be missed on the Board.  Walmsley said, "It is a paramount importance that people be appointed to our Racing Commissions who have a good knowledge of this industry.  As a Thoroughbred owner and active HBPA official, Mark has an excellent background in the industry."

The appointment was effective on Saturday, January 29, 2011.

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