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Friday, February 25, 2011

Coming Soon - The National HBPA Online Store!

The National HBPA has embarked upon the establishment of a retail online store that will offer a variety of HBPA branded clothing apparel and promotional products. The purpose of the retail store is twofold:

  1. To make clothing and other products that bear the logo of either the National HBPA or your local HBPA available to the over 35,000 HBPA owners and trainers across North America.
  2. All profits will be donated to the National HBPA Foundation, our tax-exempt organization, created under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code to accept tax-deductible charitable contributions. The Foundation was established in 1956 and provides financial support for horsemen and horsewomen who are in demonstrated need of assistance.
The store will initially offer about a dozen products that were selected with the active lifestyle of horse owners and trainers in mind. Products offered will include short and long sleeved t-shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, hooded pullover sweatshirts, polo shirts, knot hats, baseball hats, and barn jackets. Samples of these products will be displayed at the National HBPA convention in Hot Springs, Arkansas in March. Representatives from your HBPA will be able to see the quality of merchandise that has been selected.

In addition to the standard merchandise available, custom orders for other products not “on the shelf” can be quoted before ordering. Once the store is launched and operational, we have every intention to expand the merchandise in the store based upon demand and customer preferences.

While we will be purchasing goods at wholesale prices, and based upon volume taking advantage of quantity discounts, we will add a small but reasonable profit in order to continue to fund the good work of the National HBPA Assistance Committee. This committee meets regularly to consider requests from affiliated HBPAs for assistance from the National HBPA Foundation’s funds to those HBPA’s general membership.

You will notice that the HBPA logo on the sample merchandise is generic. It does not identify the National HBPA or your local HBPA. We intend to add the appropriate line depending upon who is ordering and for what purpose. We are hopeful that in addition to individual orders, local affiliates will order in quantities to either have immediate product available at your local office or to be used in promotional activities like “Owners Appreciation Day” or similar celebrations/events. Certainly, the store will be a wonderful place to do all of your Christmas shopping. We will offer each product in both men’s and women’s sizes.

We have assurance from our screen printer/embroiderer that orders from “stock” items will be processed immediately and delivered in a very timely manner. An adequate level of inventory will be maintained in order to insure this guarantee. Quotations for custom products will be processed in 24 hours or less. Once the custom order has been placed, it will be shipped in two weeks or less.

The National HBPA will constantly add products, improve and/or upgrade the quality of the merchandise, and operate the store with customer satisfaction as its number one priority.
We all have a drawer (or more than one) full of logo t-shirts. There is probably not one that has an HBPA logo on it because we have never made them available to you. Now you will have the opportunity to add an HBPA logo item to your wardrobe.

More importantly, though, you will be making a small contribution to the National HBPA Foundation with each purchase. Over the last five years, the National HBPA Foundation has provided assistance to horsemen and horsewomen in the amount of $850,000. That amount included relief for those in Louisiana who were negatively affected by Hurricane Katrina.

No state or those who participate in its horse industry are immune from damages caused by hurricanes, floods, fires, tornados, quarantines, and other calamities. The National HBPA Foundation has provided financial assistance to those who have suffered such unexpected losses and, in many cases, is directly responsible for helping them return to training and racing.

The purchase of any product in the store gives you the opportunity to participate in the longstanding and dedicated HBPA motto of “horsemen helping horsemen.”

All you have to do is log on to the National HBPA website, locate the HBPA Store tab, select the products that you want, fill your shopping cart, and checkout. Leave the rest up to us!

For a limited time, all orders will be entitled to an automatic entry into a raffle, and the prize will be air travel, lodging, and tickets to all activities at the 2011 Claiming Crown at Fair Grounds in New Orleans, Louisiana in early December of 2011. The winner will be selected at the 2011 National HBPA summer convention.

In closing, please place an order or ask your local HBPA office to place an order for you. If every one of the 35,000 HBPA members orders just one item, it will not only benefit the charitable National HBPA Foundation, but you will proudly be promoting not only your local HBPA, but the National HBPA.

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