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Friday, February 11, 2011

Louisiana HBPA Members: Make Sure We Have Your Current Address So You Receive Your Election Ballot!

The Louisiana HBPA's process to elect a new Board of Directors and President-Chairman is currently underway. The slate of candidates has been set, and election packets will be mailed by TrueBallot, Inc. in early March. The election packets include the ballot, candidate’s biographies, and a prepaid postage return envelope.

The ballot must be properly completed and received at the post office in New Orleans by March 31, 2011 to be counted in the election. We urge all members of the Louisiana HBPA to participate.

It is essential that the Louisiana HBPA has all members' correct, current address on file so that you will receive your ballot. Time is of the essence because there will be no second ballots handed out or re-mailed, as has been the case in the past.

If you are not sure whether the Louisiana HBPA has your current address, please check with the Horsemen's Bookkeeper's office by calling (504) 945-1555.

NOTE: If you have questions about the election, call the Louisiana HBPA at (504) 945-1555 or email them at

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