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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Winners Federation Debuts ‘Leg Up’ Poster at Professional Conference

The Winners Federation, a non-profit organization whose motto is Healthy Workers for Healthy Horses, debuted a poster at its 2011 Professional Conference in Georgetown, Kentucky on April 3-4 to provide counselors, chaplains and racetrack officials with a tool to inform backstretch workers that help is available.

A PDF version of the poster, in both 8.5x11-inch and 11x17-inch formats, is available at no charge from the Winners Federation by request. Instructions to customize the poster to include local counselor, chaplain or racetrack contacts and information will be sent with the PDF versions. The design allows the poster to be customized to publicize any helping service, from substance abuse or alcohol counseling to general health awareness events. It can be used in any related horse race setting, including farms or training centers.

The poster, a production of the Winners Federation, is another tool to fulfill the Winners Federation vision to foster a health working environment at racetracks and within the horse racing industry. Former Winners Federation Board Member Remi Bellocq, CEO, National Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, created the design based on Winners Federation Board of Director suggestions. Jeanette Vance, art director, Thoroughbred Times, donated technical assistance creating the PDF documents and customization instructions.

The Winners Federation Professional Conference is another activity to fulfill the organization’s vision. The program at the 2011 conference featured presentations by academics, counselors and chaplains who shared insights and information on the identifying and treating substance abuse disorders, public and community health issues, coping with change, jockey health and wellness, addictive gambling, peer counseling, and counseling program development.

Attendees at the third annual event included counselors, chaplains and racetrack officials from both the United States and Canada. The conference immediately preceded the annual meeting of the Racetrack Chaplaincy of America (RTCA) to provide an opportunity for counselors and chaplains to attend both events and discuss ways in which they can help each other with the ultimate goal of helping individuals achieve healthy lives.

For more information on the Winners Federation, to obtain the Leg Up poster, or to inquire about awareness presentations and future conferences, please e-mail or call (502) 223-1823.

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