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Friday, June 3, 2011

International Horse Racing Digest: Online Horse Racing Magazine Available Free

The first issue of International Horse Racing Digest Online, May/June 2011, is available for download at no cost if you would like to give it a try. It is available for download at:

According to the new online magazine's media kit:

'International Horse Racing Digest' is a completely rebranded bi-monthly web based horse magazine focusing on all horse racing disciplines.

We will have interviews with people of 'impact' in the industry and we will bring you original updates on racing, breeding and other important equine issues from throughout the world.

IHRD will cover not only Thoroughbred but Standardbred and Quarter Horses racing. In addition, we will carry different racing sports, such as Steeplechasing and Point-to-Point.

Our vision is to bring our readers new and unique perspectives on racing's fast changing pace from around the world.

Our magazine will not only feature controversial issues, but also focus on horse racing's charms and lore with our racing inspired food recipes and numerous articles, some of which are: horse health, farrior, racing cartoons and, of course, reader blogs.

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