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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Jockey Club Launches “Thoroughbred Connect” to Assist in Placement of Horses

Recently, The Jockey Club announced the launch of Thoroughbred Connect, a free online service designed to assist with placement of Thoroughbreds following the conclusion of their racing or breeding careers.

A component of The Jockey Club’s Interactive Registration, Thoroughbred Connect enables Registry customers to express their willingness to be contacted by the possessor of a horse in the event the horse is in need of placement. Those interested in providing assistance or aftercare have the ability to attach their name and contact information to the electronic records of Thoroughbreds within The Jockey Club’s database using Thoroughbred Connect.

Similarly, a person who is seeking placement for a Thoroughbred in his possession can log into Thoroughbred Connect and request the contact information attached to the horse. The possessor of the horse may then contact that prospective owner directly to perform due diligence and discuss potential arrangements to transfer the horse.

Thoroughbred Connect is accessible directly at

“With broad participation, Thoroughbred Connect will cast a wide net and help ensure that more Thoroughbreds are properly cared for in a safe environment,” said James L. Gagliano, president and chief operating officer of The Jockey Club. “This platform provides an easy and convenient way for those with the means, capacity and desire to help any horse they have owned, admired or connected with over the years.

“Thoroughbred Connect is a natural extension of our ongoing effort to enhance the safety and welfare of Thoroughbreds and leverages our database and easy-to-use technology platform,” Gagliano said. “We encourage owners to use Thoroughbred Connect and make others aware of it.”

In 2009, The Jockey Club implemented a voluntary retirement checkoff program that enables owners and breeders, at the time of foal registration, to support the retirement, re-training and adoption efforts of Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA) and the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF).

The Jockey Club, through its commercial subsidiaries, has supplemented checkoff contributions with an annual donation of $100,000 to each organization and, with its donations in 2011, will have contributed $300,000 to each. Funds from The Jockey Club are directed specifically to TCA’s Thoroughbred re-training and adoption initiatives and to TRF’s vocational training programs at correctional facilities.

The Jockey Club also provides free Tattoo Identification Services through Interactive Registration to help owners identify tattooed but unknown Thoroughbreds in their possession. Each successful look-up includes a complimentary five-generation pedigree, auction history search and race record.

Tattoo look-up is also incorporated into Registry mobile, enabling tattooed but unknown Thoroughbreds to be identified with the convenience of a smartphone.

Additional information about Thoroughbred Connect, the retirement checkoff program and Tattoo Identification Services is available through The Jockey Club Registry’s website at

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