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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 10 Reasons It's Good to Be an HBPA Member

10. Representation in Washington on important legislative issue impacting the horse racing industry – Members of the HBPA are represented in Washington by the Washington, D.C. based lobby firm American Continental Group (ACG) in protecting and preserving our Interstate Horseracing Act (IHA) of 1978 rights, as well as legislative issues regarding immigration, taxation, expansion of online gambling beyond pari-mutuel wagering, medication, and any other attempt to legislate changes that affect our membership and the horse racing industry in general.

9. Lots of ways to get industry information at your fingertips – If you want to know what is going on in the horse racing industry and how it may impact your horse-related business, we provide you that information in a number of different ways so that you can choose, what, how, and how much information you want to know. Those means include: this blog (, the National HBPA website ( , the National HBPA Facebook page (, the National HBPA Twitter feed (, and available printed and electronic versions of the association’s award-winning magazine, The Horsemen’s Journal.

8. The award-winning The Horsemen's Journal magazine – The Thoroughbred racing industry’s most widely circulated magazine carries more important local racing industry news than any other publication and takes a close look at industry issues from a horseman’s perspective.

7. Representation in the RMTC – With a seat at the table on the Racing and Medication Testing Consortium (RMTC), the HBPA is monitoring all medication issues as they arise and develop. The National HBPA’s Medication Committee and National HBPA Veterinary Advisor Dr. Tom Tobin, a renowned and leading industry scientist, work hard to advocate common sense policies and rules relying on proven scientific data that are in the best interest of horsemen and the horses that they race.

6. Representation in the RCI Model Rules process – The National HBPA has a Model Rules Committee and regularly has representation at meetings of the Racing Commissioners International (RCI)’s Model Rules Committee. That HBPA representation vocally advocates positions in the best interest of owners and trainers on important issues and amasses an often impressive amount of expert opinion and research to support those positions.

5. National HBPA Fire, Disaster and Vanning Insurance – This policy is an important benefit provided exclusively for current HBPA members. Please refer to the policy at for coverage details.

4. National HBPA Owners & Trainers Liability Insurance Program – This affordable insurance program available to HBPA members has been designed to protect your assets in the event that you are liable for bodily injury or damage to property arising from your equine activities (including breeding, racing, sales and training). To find out more about his program, visit

3. The National HBPA Foundation – The National HBPA Foundation is a tax-exempt Sec. 501 (c)(3) fund that was developed as a safety net for horsemen when other forms of assistance are unavailable or have been exhausted after disaster strikes. Functioning as a practical example of the National HBPA slogan, “horsemen helping horsemen,” the National HBPA Foundation frequently and swiftly assists horsemen in times of disaster and great need.

2. Benevolence assistance for horsemen, their employees, and their families – On a local level, HBPAs provide benevolence assistance for horsemen, their employees, and their families for such things as medical expenses, dental and optical expenses, funeral expenses, prescription drugs, psychological counseling, addiction counseling, etc. Check with your local HBPA affiliate for more information on what benevolence assistance is available in your area.

1. Strength in numbers – As the largest racing horsemen's representative association in North America, the National HBPA is a vocal and respected voice in all horse racing industry issues. As an HBPA member, you have the strength of 30 HBPA affiliate organizations representing over 30,000 horsemen all over North America in your corner, constantly monitoring and protecting your rights and best interests. No other racing horsemen's representative association in North America can even approach the strength in numbers you share as a proud member of the HBPA.

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