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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baird Elected Mountaineer Park HBPA President

The Mountaineer HBPA recently held elections for its president and board of directors. The new board is already working hard on issues that impact the racing community. John W. Baird was elected president, replacing Rembrandt Wright.

Below is a list of the new board:

John W. Baird, President

Robert T. Bedner, First Vice President

Philip Heidenreich, Second Vice President

Owner Directors: Janice Hanna, John Donofrio, Jeannette McIntosh, and Theresia Mahan

Trainer Directors: Bart Baird, Doug Johnson, Doug Shanyfelt, and J. Edwin Shilling

In other Mountaineer Park HBPA news, Jana L. Tetrault was hired as the Mountaineer Park’s new executive director in December.

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