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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Interactive, Electronic Edition of The Horsemen's Journal's Spring 2012 Issue Is Now Available

The interactive, electronic version of The Horsemen's Journal's Spring 2012 issue is now available online.  It is  an enhanced version of our Spring 2012 issue, which is mailing this week. To view it, either click here or click on the flipping magazine icon above.
NOTE: As you zoom in and enlarge the text, it becomes increasingly clear. Also, you can click on the headline of any article to view a text-only version, which is particularly mobile device-friendly.
Features in the issue include:
  • Good Weather and Good Information: The National HBPA's 2012 Winter Convention - The National HBPA's winter convention featured a number of highly informative speaker forums and a respite from winter weather.
  • Who Controls Horse Racing: The West Virginia Supreme Court Made the Correct Call - Horsemen's rights scored a victory when the West Virginia High Court of Appeals ruled that racetracks cannot have an "unfettered right" to eject permit holders.
  • National HBPA CEO Phil Hanrahan: A Horseman Helping Horsemen - In addition to his professional skills, the new National HBPA CEO is also an experienced horseman.
  • Anhidrosis: No Sweat – An examination of Anhidrosis, or the inability to sweat in response to an appropriate stimulus, how to spot it, and how to manage it.
  • Department of Labor Releases New Regulations for H-2B Visa Program - A comparison of the new H-2B visa program regulations to the previous rules.
  • Equine Podiatry and Therapeutic Shoeing - A look a the veterinary specialization of equine podiatry and the use of therapeutic shoeing to aid equine foot ailments.
  • PLUS all the departments you can always expect: Industry News, HBPA News, Research & Medication Update, Legislative Update, Medication Committee Corner, and Affiliate News from the HBPA affiliates all over North America.
Much more than a PDF, the interactive electronic edition of The Horsemen's Journal includes audio  content not available in the print edition. It also includes searchable content and the ability to save, print, email, or share content on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Please enjoy this exciting new offering from the National HBPA and share it with anyone you think might enjoy it.

All hyperlinks/URLs and email addresses in the electronic edition are working, clickable links. So be sure to click on some of them - especially those in the advertisements to get more information on the great products and services being offered by the companies supporting your horsemen's organization.

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