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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Do You Think of the America's Best Racing Campaign So Far?

The Jockey Club and its affiliated companies have been working the past several months to implement various initiatives that were recommended by McKinsey & Company in August, 2011. In fact, several of them will be launched in the near future.

The Jockey Club is distributing periodic updates to keep the industry apprised of its progress, and in its most recent update revealed a marketing campaign centered on its televised racing series and a website to educate fans. The initiative, called America’s Best Racing, is designed to create a brand for racing to be used for its television series. The America’s Best Racing branding will be used during the Jockey Club’s and NBC’s Road to the Kentucky Derby series and with other televised racing events it financially supports.
As part of the initiative, The Jockey Club, in collaboration with NTRA Communications, has retained prominent digital strategy company Lightmaker to develop a fan-centric resource to complement the initiatives and inspire more engaged Thoroughbred racing involvement from fans. The new website, is designed to present new original content on a daily basis throughout the Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup seasons.

Another part of the initiative is the release of several videos aimed to increase interest and excitement about horse racing. Below are the videos that have been released on YouTube so far. Watch them and let us know what you think of them:

Do you think these videos are effective? Why or why not? How do you think they compare to the old NTRA "Go Baby Go!" campaign ads?

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