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Friday, December 7, 2012

Charles Town, Pennsylvania HBPA Announce Election Results

The Charles Town HBPA has announced their election results, and Randy Funkhouser has been elected as president of the organization.

In addition, five people were elected to the board of directors as owners: Elaine Hagy, Mark Russell, Joe Funkhouser, James Miller and Larry Miller. The owner alternates are Trevor Hewick and Richard Knapp.

The five people elected to the board as owners/trainers were: James Casey, Lee Couchenour, Jeff Runco, Tim Grams and Tina Mawing. James Starkey, Raimondo Schiano-Dicola and George Yetsook will serve as alternates.

The Pennsylvania HBPA also announced their election results recently with Tim Shea being elected as president.

The owners elected to the board of directors were: Kenneth C. Bowman, Thomas G. McClay, Vicki Nightingale, Richard Reveley and Dennis Sweigart. The trainers elected to the board were: Sandee Martin Beattie, Todd Beattie, Clovis Crane, Murray Rojas and Flint Stites.

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