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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OwnerView Launches Host Program to Assist Prospective Owners

To enhance the information available to prospective owners of Thoroughbred racehorses, OwnerView today announced a new service called “OwnerView Host.” The free service will provide a further source of basic information for people interested in owning Thoroughbred racehorses, covering topics such as business plans, ownership options, licensing, costs and expenses, and aftercare.
“There is a lot of information available to prospective owners  before they hire a trainer or make that first horse purchase, and OwnerView hosts will help them digest many of the basics of owning Thoroughbred racehorses,” said Gary Falter, project manager for OwnerView. “We won’t offer specifics on the selection of agents, trainers, and horses, but we will explain where to go, how to make contacts, and what to do to become a Thoroughbred owner.”
Anyone interested in using the OwnerView Host service can fill out a form at available through the link, “Contact us to discuss your plans.”
“When we receive a request, we will reply to the prospective owner to setup an initial discussion,” Falter said. “After the introductory contact, prospective owners will have the opportunity to speak to an OwnerView host who can walk them through ownership topics at and answer questions.”
OwnerView was launched by The Jockey Club Information Systems Inc. and the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA) in May 2012, in the wake of McKinsey & Company’s economic study of the sport that recommended a central resource that would encourage Thoroughbred ownership and provide accurate information about purchasing and owning a Thoroughbred. OwnerView includes information relevant to Thoroughbred owners, including information on trainers, racing syndicates, licensing, aftercare, and state incentive programs. For more information, visit

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