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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update on the Horses Found Starving at an Evansville, Indiana Farm

by Marty Maline, Executive Director, Kentucky HBPA

After reporting on the horses that were confiscated from a farm in Evansville, Indiana, there was a tremendous outpouring of concern and support from horsemen and animals lovers alike. Donations for the benefit of these unfortunate horses have arrived from as far away as Ontario and as close as Evansville. So far, nearly $8,000.00 in donations have been received and are being used solely for the benefit of the remaining horses. The expenses involved in keeping them on their feet have totaled $9,900.00 to date.

I wanted to provide a brief update on the status of the group. Of the initial 18 horses that were so close to dying of starvation, three have been humanely euthanized.

The rest of the horses have been moved to a rescue in Robards, Kentucky and are progressing. The rescue is run by Mary Johnston (270-577-1493). Mary was supervising the care of the horses while they were initially stabled at the Vanderburgh County 4-H center. She is very knowledgeable about horse physiology, and the horses appear to be in very capable hands. Her e-mail address is

Mary explains that thus far, the colts are doing as well as can be expected. They are gaining some weight, and kidney function is returning, although some of them will still be shedding their hooves, and that remains a genuine concern - especially if it all happens at once. The mares slipped their foals.

It is my understanding that a hearing will be held on April 23, and at that point if the owner does not post a bond to assist with the care of the horses, they will become the property the Vanderburgh County, Indiana court.

If you have the wherewithal to make a monetary donation, every dollar counts and is tax deductible. Please make checks payable to: Spirit Medical Fund.

Send your donations to:

Evansville Animal Care and Control
Attn: Spirit Medical Fund
815 Uhlhorn Street
Evansville, Indiana 47710-2729

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