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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Michigan HBPA Announces Election Results

The Michigan HBPA has announced its election results, and George Kutlenios will serve as president of the organization through 2015.

Following are the other election winners and existing board and staff members:
Mary Mazur, Vice President                                                           
Gary Tinkle, Executive Director

Owners:                                              Owner/Trainer:
Mary Mazur           '11-'13                  James Jackson   '11-'13
Rich Powers           '11-'13                  Shane Spiess     '11-'13
Ray Stimac             '12-'14                  Bob Gorham     '12-'14
"Vacant"                  '12-'14                 Carole Rettele   '12-'14  
Julie Atwood          '13-'15                  Dan Atwood     '13-'15
Ginny Uelmen        '13-'15                  "Bobby" Barron  '13-'15

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