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Friday, October 5, 2012

EIPH and Furosemide Use in Racehorses Explained

The Horse magazine, in an online article by news editor Erica Larson, provided a full recap of the October 2 seminar entitled "Furosemide and EIPH: Efficacy and Controversy: The American Horsemen's Story," held in Lexington, Ky.

Thomas Tobin, MVB, MSc, PhD, MRCVS, Dipl. ABT, professor of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics at the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center, reviewed the relationship between EIPH, furosemide, and the racehorse.

In his presentation, Tobin noted that American horsemen had "correctly determined the benefits of furosemide 40 or so years ago, while it has taken science more than 30 years to confirm that the horsemen were on the right track, so to speak, all along with furosemide."

Click here to read the complete article. 

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